About Kayu

Kayu is entirely designed and manufactured in Czech Republic. All the wooden, brass and aluminium parts are manually turned on the lathe in our workshop situated in Brno.

Více o Kayu

About us

Kayu is entirely designed and manufactured in Czech Republic, only nibs and converters are bought from a German company Schmidt. All the wooden, brass and aluminium parts are manually turned on the lathe in our workshop situated in Brno. Our aim is to overcome the the stereotype, that fountain pens are only used for signing contracts. We also work hard to prove that a quality craft can always be successful no matter the condition. Buying any of the products you are helping our dreams come true.


Michal Klaška
+420 607 771 342
IČO: 03440541

Where to find us

Grounds of Brno University of Technology (VUT)
Rybkova 23, building 13, room 12
602 00 Brno
Czech republic

Who we are


Michal KlaškaRuční výroba per

“ I make the pens an I love it. It took me more than three nad half years to finish the design and other stuff to the actual point and also to transform from psychology graduated office guy to a craftsman. Looking back I still can not stop wondering how both Kayu and myself evolve hand in hand. Pens are my current life and it’s beautiful.“


Andrea KlaškováRuční výroba tiskovin a obalů

„My main job is the visual part of Kayu website and all of the packaging, prints, cases and other invisible stuff around. Apart from Kayu I enjoy being a masseuse and also manufacturing varions different things that interest me at the moment. In the future I hope I will find some time for projects like diaries, earrings or shoes. „


Kayu for Courage

Life begins where your comfort zone ends!

Více kuráže

Kayu for Courage

"Life begins where your comfort zone ends!"

I live it myself and I would like to share this experience with anybody interested! Are you willing to complete journey around the world on a tricycle but you doubt yourself? Or would you like to make wigs out of candy floss but you worry you won't be able to earn enough? Forget it and follow your heart. It's the best thing you can do.

Send me the intention you would like to realize.

I will post it on Facebook together with intentions of other participants and let the fans vote.

Few times in a year we will announce the winner who will win her or his Kayu for courage.

If you win the Kayu fo courage contest, it is expected that you will start writing your own diary of the project using your new Kayu. Parts of the diary will be, with your approval, posted to our Facebook profile so that all other courageous followers could get inspired from our success. You can watch current projects on our Facebook page Kayu for Courage: https://www.facebook.com/KayuForCourage/

Our adventurers


Mirka & Vojtajedemkolem.cz - cesta kolem světa na motorkách

„Most of the dreams about traveling ends at the point in which you convince yourself that you don not have enough courage, time or money. But all that matters in the end is whether you really want to do it.“
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