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Kayu Puro

hrot Zlatý / M

How to choose the wood?

Here you can find all the woods in stock. As long as I use only recycled wood, the prices are defined by availability of each wood species. Especially the more expensive woods are usually limited in quantity. Woods are sorted from least expensive to most expensive. Be aware that the final look of the wood on the pen will differ from the pen builder because every piece of woo is an original made by nature.


How to choose the color?

You can find all of the standard colors here in the pen builder. Black and silver are easily anodized and are least expensive, other colors are more complicated and expensive. If you do not choose any of colors provided, I can try to anodize a custom color of your choice for you. But remember that it is not possible to reach an exact color tone, the final color will vary to an extent.


How to choose the nib?

There are two finishes of nibs available: steel and goldplated steel. Each finish can be Fine sized (writing thickness cca 0.3 mm) or Medium sized (writing thickness cca 0.5 mm). Another important condition influencing the writing thickness is paper quality. The better and smoother paper, the thinner your writing will be. Low quality papers cause thicker writing, feathering no matter the nib.


5 hours for every Kayu

Each Kayu takes about five hours to manufacture. Thanks to this I can guarantee the precision of every piece.

Pure solid wood

Even though the final thickness of the wood in some parts is only about 0.6 mm, all Kayus are made of solid wood blocks. No veneers.

Handmade to maximum extent

There are only five parts on every pen that are not handmade: The nib, the converter and three magnets. Everything else is handcrafted in my workshop in Brno.

Magnetic closing

You will never have to screw or press the cap against the pen to use Kayu. The Magnets will do the job for you. How simple.

All-in-one package

When you order Kayu you not only get the pen. The package also includes handmade cardboard case, handsawn felt case, certificate of authencity, manual and a little gift.