130 milimeters of sleek design writing

It is probably the only pen with the nib ejected by the cap in the world. Magnetic opening and closing, our own design and production. Simple, clean and highly addictive. You will want no other.

Choose your Kayu 130

Kayu 130 configurations

PREORDER – Kayu 130.2 Natural / 322.90
PREORDER – Kayu 130.2 Gold / 357.64
PREORDER – Kayu 130.2 Grey / 357.64

Fountain Pen Reinvented

Ideal spot for grip, cap you can not loose, good weight and balance, functional design. We tried to solve all of these usual troubles of fountain pens within one pen: Kayu 130. Straight and smooth shape without edges in both open and closed states, vanishing point ejected with magnetic cap and patented aluminium-stainless steel frame. We reinvented fountain pen again!

Any questions regarding Kayu 130? Just ask, we will be happy to answer.