Kuka: The pen that lets your muse flow

A revolutionary dip pen we designed specially for drawing, art and calligraphy. You can use it for minutes within one dip yet it is still easy to clean and transport. Stop dipping, create!

Choose your Kuka set

Kayu Kuka configurations

Kayu Kuka – set of three standard nibs (F, M, B) / 117.38 €
Kayu Kuka – Standard nib Broad / 43.15 €
Kayu Kuka – Standard nib Medium / 43.15 €
Kayu Kuka – Standard nib Fine / 43.15 €

Revolutionary dip pen

Are you also bothered with frequent dipping when drawing or lettering? The solution is called Kayu Kuka. This dip pen of our own design allows you to write for minutes for one dip. It may come with three standard nibs and three calligraphic nibs of different thicknesses. If you need to use more colors, you just flush the pen, dry it with cloth and continue with the color of your choice. You can also screw the nib into the body of the pen for safe transportation.

Any questions regarding Kayu Kuka? Just ask, we will be happy to answer.