About Kayu

Kayu is entirely designed and manufactured in Czech Republic. All the wooden, brass and aluminium parts are manually turned on the lathe in our workshop situated in Brno.

Více o Kayu

About Kayu

Kayu is entirely designed and manufactured in Czech Republic, only nibs and converters are bought from a German company Schmidt. All the wooden, brass and aluminium parts are manually turned on the lathe in our workshop situated in Brno. Our aim is to overcome the the stereotype, that fountain pens are only used for signing contracts. We also work hard to prove that a quality craft can always be successful no matter the condition. Buying any of the products you are helping our dreams come true.


Michal Klaška
+420 607 771 342
IČO: 03440541

Where to find us

Grounds of Brno University of Technology (VUT)
Rybkova 23, building 13, room 12
602 00 Brno
Czech republic

Who we are

Michal KlaškaRuční výroba per

” I make the pens an I love it. It took me more than three nad half years to finish the design and other stuff to the actual point and also to transform from psychology graduated office guy to a craftsman. Looking back I still can not stop wondering how both Kayu and myself evolve hand in hand. Pens are my current life and it’s beautiful.”

Andrea KlaškováRuční výroba tiskovin a obalů

“My main job is the visual part of Kayu website and all of the packaging, prints, cases and other invisible stuff around. Apart from Kayu I enjoy being a masseuse and also manufacturing varions different things that interest me at the moment. In the future I hope I will find some time for projects like diaries, earrings or shoes. “

Eva Jášková

Jsem takový „vykopávač“. Ráda bývám u startu nových věcí, baví mě být součástí několika projektů zároveň a sedět jedním zadkem na deseti židlích. Líbí se mi umění, nejvíc to užité, protože jedině to si obhájím. Ráda potkávám nové lidi, že bych pracovala sama, si vůbec nedovedu představit. Když to dovolí čas, tak často jezdím do zahraničí, nejvíc mě zatím oslovila Afrika.



A few people without whom Kayu would not be as it is

Kdo to je?


The Kayu project has been directly or indirectly helped by many people and companies that we would like to thank.

Thank you (in order of importance)

Andrejka Klašková

for unceasing support and constructive criticism that has almost killed me, but has always moved the progress much further. And also thanks for the patience she suffered with my endless staring into the void when I was "inventing".

Mom, dad and brother

for support and practical help in the development of things, even though they were not entirely convinced that everything will work.


who liked it all and who often said they would buy Kayu when it was finished. Thanks to them, I also believed that the idea was not entirely out of focus and it was worth more than an ordinary hobby.


thanks to which I, even in situations at first sight unsolvable, gritted my teeth and worked on. I could not tell them, after so many visionary talks, that they were right and give up. They gave me so much energy.

And further special thanks to

Mike and Linda

from the Indy Pen Dance Web site, who sent me the first nibs in the summer of 2013 despite the fact that they did not officially sell anything to the Czech Republic. And they added a beautiful handwritten message to encourage me to endure. How did they know everything?

Petr Kameník

friend, co-author of the Brno Astronomical Clock and the founder of PUXdesign, who spent several really long evenings discussing the designof the pen and it's parts, and who taught the basics of software designing.

Ondřej Straka and Michal Reichstäter

friends and professional photographers from the Dvadva studio, for the beautiful pictures which I still use and for training in how to shoot the product nicely.

Pavel Michlík and Honza Adámek

Pavlík supporting my activity because, according to his words, "he has accection for novice entrepreneurs". And Honzik for proactive help with basic e-marketing tools.

Mark Sattler and Benjamin Hirt

My classmate Marek helped me overcome the language barrier translating my first emails for Benjamin from Schmidt into German. Benjamin for endless willingness in taking such microscopical orders which I make.

Soňa Krejčová

Another classmate from the high school, who took care of the super translation of the prints into English.

Jan Kratochvíl and Jiří Janota

from PZK Brno and Unimagnet, who have complied with my very non-standard requirements for the manufacture of customized magnets.

Martin Kašík

from Paulin, who recommended me a suitable product for the final coating of wooden parts.

Milan Petrla

The master of a goldsmith, who, apart from the production of engagement and wedding rings, consciously advised me the technical details and the surface treatment of some parts.

MCAE Systems

They have an irreplaceable credit in helping with prototyping the pen and individual parts. Especially Aleš Juránek for agreeing that I was able to realize my ideas at the company's premises, Jiří Vyvlečka, who patiently printed the constantly changing models on 3D printer my and last but not least, Martin Květkovský and Jirka Svoboda, without whom I would not free the knot.

Eva Kvasničková

from Building Plastic. Although I do not currently use their products, I can honestly say that she was probably the most willing person I've ever dealt with, even though she knew I would not make much of a profit.

Petr Litomyský

for being the only one in the country to have a huge selection of brass pipes and poles of all sizes and for quicklysending them across the Czech Republic.

Thanks once again to everyone in this list and many others. I would not make it without you.

Our thanks


Questions and answers

Questions and answers you might find interesting.

Read on

Unlike most of the small pen manufacturers, I never use kits that are available on the internet. All parts except for magnets, nib and converter, I manufacture myself in the workshop, mostly on my lathes. At first I turn all the aluminum and brass parts. One pen contains: cap, clip, two tube insrts, grip and the internal thread on the barrel. I will make about 10 parts of these parts, and the aluminum parts will be self-lubricated directly in the workshop. This part of the production is the hardest work and I am always happy to be done with it. Brass parts fitted with two magnets are then glued to pre-drilled wooden blocks. Then comes the time for turning the wood with a precision less than 0.1 mm to fit perfectly. Once the wood has been turned to the final shape, grinding with sandpaper and subsequent two-layer oiling is achieved. The final step is to trim the notch for anchoring the clip in the cap and drilling the vent hole. The final step is completing the pen, screwing in a specially adjusted nib and that is it. This process passes through every Kay.

Almost all of the wood I use comes from “recycled” solid blocks. Whether it is exotic or Czech wood, I try not to buy it. I cooperate with various craftsmen, for who the wood is too small to make something of it. So instead of flying into the stove it is flying to me. Colored parts are made of aluminum bars and pipes, brass is made of brass profiles. Pen tip and converter are plastic-metal components that I do not manufacture myself. I buy them directly from the German company Schmidt. I use custom made magnetic parts. Where from? Unfortunately, from Asia, because I was informed that there is no single company in Europe that would produce neodymium magnets. Why? I have no idea.

Of course! Wood is wood. And I have to admit that if someone brings me a piece of wood to which she or he has a personal relationship, it’s always a special for me at the time of production. For your own wood, you need to look at a few things:

  • it should be well dried (in terms of fresh wood, we will have to wait about 3 months)
  • it shouldbe of a leafy tree, because conifers are poorly workable and durable
  • it should be one piece of minimum dimensions 20x20x200 mm

All other things can be resolved later.

Well, in truth, not to everybody. A person who has 30 plastic promo ballpoints in the cup, throwing away each that does not write, probably wouldn’t understand. Ballpoints are free or literally for a few cents, so why buy some expensive fountain pens? But it can actually be quite simple:

  • because writing with a pen saves your wrists and carpals,
  • because your pen improves your handwriting,
  • because custom made pen allows you to have be in love with it,
  • and because writing with something that no one else in the world has is fine.

Many people asked me this question. For “ballpointers” it is too expensive but for the CEO it is too cheap and not glossy. Well, that is actually the answer to that question. For anyone who hates daily with scratching the ofset paper with the ballpoint but also does not need to impress everybody with a pen for 1 000K, with which he has written ten autographs altogether. If we need to own some things, let them be nice, beloved and well made. Kayu is not made for showcase, it’s supposed to be written with, as much as possible.

Kayu means “wood” in Indonesian. The word has a beautiful sound, it looks nice and it contains lots of things in its shapes. In addition, I have spent almost a month in Bali, so I enjoyed having borrowed this word. Hopefully the Indonesians will not be angry.

Here the answer is easy. Both the material and the work have their price and it is set like this for a reason. If someone offers me a 50% discount for something and I suppose that that person still makes profit from it, I consider it a scam on the customer. For yogurt I would still understand, but never with consumer goods. Marketing of discounts and sales does not bring anything good to the people or the market, and I do not want to have anything to do with it.

I’ be happy to produce a larger series of pens for corporate purposes, certainly do not hesitate to let me know. I’m open to everything, we can only come across the technical limits of materials and machines. We can certainly do some personalization of pens, packaging etc. However, as I write below, I do not offer quantity or other discounts and all corporate clients were OK with it so far. Thank you for accepting this. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Currently, Kayu is not sold in any physical shop. But that is no problem. Either you can watch our Facebook page where I highlight various fairs and markets where I will show Kayu, or you can call me on the phone or mail me and we can arrange a meeting at my workshop.

Feel free to ask about anything via Facebook, mail or call us. We’d love to talk.